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How does it work?

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Brain Core Photobiomodulation utilizes PBMT, a light therapy that uses non-ionizing forms of light sources, including visual lightning and near-infrared radiation, LEDs and broadband light. It is a thermal process that involves the generation of internal chromophores on various biological sources to trigger photophysical and chemical and photochemical events, and physical body surface to help repair the cell chlorophyll.

The light source is in direct contact with the skin to allow for maximum penetration, thus allowing the photons to organize and interact with the chromophore in the local cells to trigger photochemical changes in cells and tissues. PBMT has long been used to regenerate tissues, restore health, heal pain and help restore normal cell function as well as restore sleep balance.


Human body research evidence shows that PBM can improve personality electrophysiological activities and perception functions, such as attention, memory, and emotions. Numerous studies have been done and published on the healing benefits of PBMT. 

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 Do I need photobiomodulation?


How does it work?

How does Photobiomodulation Therapy compare with other treatments?

How does it help?

Does it deliver acute & chronic pain relief?

What will I feel?

How many treatments are needed?

Who is a good candidate for PBM?

Are there any health contradictions to PBM?

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