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Your Birthright

Reach your fullest biological potential with EUDA




What if you are destined to live to 120?

How would you envision your life?

Scientists have found that biologically speaking, we are all capable of living to120 years old.1 From our ancestors to our generation, the average life expectancy has grown drastically from the early 30s to the current 72.81 y/o. This discrepancy has shown us that longevity isn't about trying to prolong life but rather about trying to reach our body's natural fullest potential. 

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If living to 120 is inevitable...

How would you like to spend the next few decades?

About EUDA

EUDA Wellness is the subsidiary company of Victory Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located in Taipei, Taiwan. With over 10 years of experience in selling surgical instruments, Victory Biotech has been the trusted partner of many major global medical device brands such as Medtronic. Over the past decade, Victory Biotech has solidified its reputation in the Taiwanese medical field as a trusted and reliable partner. Thus creating an extensive network of sales channels and medical KOLs.

With over a decade of medical device experience under its belt, Victory Biotech is now expanding to the wellness market to better serve its clients on a larger scale. With its finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry, Victory Biotech recognizes that wellness is not only an emerging trend but an inevitable future of healthcare.


Hence, the birth of EUDA Wellness. 

About Euda

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What is Wellness?

The active pursuit of balance of

the mind, the body, and the soul to achieve the ultimate happiness.

Yoga at Home



that fits You

We recognize that you are unique and your wellness regime should reflect that, which is why we spend time to get to know you before creating a carefully curated, well-vetted wellness regime dedicated to fit you.

Rock Balancing

The three prongs of Wellness


Wellness is conscious, self-directed and active.


A cookie-cutter routine doesn’t work with each of our indivduality.


Wellness is a multidimensional, holistic and constantly evolving journey.

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EUDA Wellness is built on scientifically-proven wellness products and therapies, to ensure we provide the best wellness care to our affluent clientele, all products and services undergo a rigorous vetting process before becoming a part of the EUDA family

Our Partners
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